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Floreciente - Spring/Summer 2019

AlbertoVegaDesigns' debut collection is a spring/summer vision of beauty, luxury and comfort.

This collection titled Floreciente (Blooming) brings a fresh look that will be welcomed in these seasons of life.  The colour palate of royal blue, teal, golden sand and plum are vibrant as are the blooms of spring and summer.  The materials of silk, chiffon, denim, cotton and more are of high quality and comfortable to wear.  

Floreciente is a collection for the modern woman or man who wants an upscale look either at work or when out and about.  The attention to detail both in design and in the sewing makes this collection both noticeable and remarkable.

While Floreciente is a cohesive collection, it was primarily created to demonstrate the diversity of design that is Alberto Vega.  All pieces in this collection are available for custom fitting.

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